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We have a fleet of bike projects under our belt, with more coming as fast as we can work.

About Us

We design, build, and test all things bikes with a focus on frames from scratch.

All members are UC Berkeley students. We have open enrollement and encourage all majors and people to join our wonderful community! There is every type of work imaginable, from business to FEA.

Wath our Trailer

We love building bikes, but who is we? And what exactly do WE build? Watch our 30 second trailer to find out and fall in love with Bike Builders of Berkeley!

Member Spotlight


We send a few email updates every year, always striving to send more. These updates share new information, links to buy apparel, and more. It's hard to balance building and documentation, but we try.



We are a new club with limited support from the University. We are always looking for guidance, cash, and supplies. If you can help with any, we would be eternally grateful. We want to keep building our community and bikes, your support could make it possible.