This bike was the pinnacle of our second year as a club. The Fall 23 semester involved a month working on industrial design and 2 months in CAD. The second semester involved a manufacturing frenzy (including a few last minute design changes). Huge shout out to FSA, we WOULD NOT HAVE been able to finish the build without their incredibly generous parts donation.

When starting the club during Fall 2021, we outlined a two year plan to build a composite full suspension mtb. It's a pretty incredible feeling to work on something for two solid years and have it go according to plan. That's not to say it was easy, it wasn't. This project literally involved blood, sweat, and tears.

Suspension Deep Dive

These curves are a product of the points we used for for our single pivot suspension

Leverage ratio, anti-squat, and anti-rise all affect the bikes ride feel and handling. Choosing a single pivot style to keep our first bike simple, we had limited choices with the points. However, Cormac was able to design a bike that rides great anyways!

Interactive Model *slow to load

Explore our frame by rotating and zooming

Note that the materials are simplified to optimize loading speed.


Ziven Posner

Co-Lead, ID, frame cad, manufacturing, assembly

Blaze Harris

Co-Lead, manufacturing guru, test rider

Cormac Alonzo

Created the frame points

Connor Hennig

Dropout design and mfg

Zachary Liu

Dropout design and mfg

Cameron Chaney

Designed and fabricated the rear triangle welding jig

Luke Seybold

Designed the shock mount

Josiah Polhemus

Designed and fabricated the rear triangle linkage