Perfomance bikes minimize weight. Minimizing weight entails running FEA on the design. Running FEA necessitates accurate load cases or a high FOS. Our bike FEA has always been limited by our estimated load cases.

Enter telemetry!

We developed a custom telemtry solution to record fork and shock compression, and then map it to a force/position/rate curve. The result is a force/time graph that we can use to calculate an accurate max force as well as fatigue estimates.


We wanted the device to be expandable to suit each project we develop. Thus, the Telemetry box is split into multiple components that can be seperately upgraded over time.

Using the GROVE connector, the system can accept many sensors from force to temperature. The functionalities of the system can also be expanded through firmware, eventually supporting functionalities like automatic module detection and controlling other modules.

The design also has expandable mounts for different configurations and attaching to different tube profiles (A and B).

Force Curve Deep Dive

We first rode the bike and tuned the suspension to match our rider. Then these curves were generated by running the fork and shock in an instron at school. The dampening and other adjustements mean that the force is time scale dependent. As such, we have two variables: time and position. We used a 3d curve with time and position on x and y, and force on the Z.

When we record position data with the telemetry module, we can then interpolate and/or extrapolate using the 3d surface to find a precise force estimate!

Telemetry TEAM

Kevin Ying

Components Lead

Ziven Posner

Founder and President